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Sirha Mexico thanks its partners.

Secretaría de Turismo de la Ciudad de México

A member of the Government of the Mexico City in the service of tourists, citizens, service providers in the sector and with a proposal of results that should translate into improving the quality of life of visitors and inhabitants.

Asociación Mexicana de Restaurantes

When we talk about the Mexican Restaurant Association is talking about quality, service, effort and a shared dream: to bring together the elite restaurants in a group that would defend their interests and ensure the development of the country's food industry.

Asociación Mexicana de Sommeliers, A.C.

To promote wine culture in Mexico through the presence of the Association and the professionalism of sommeliers in our country, as well as representing this sector in the different areas, public, private and social.

Asociación de Sommeliers Mexicanos

Institution dedicated to the promotion, diffusion, training and consulting on the subject of wine and the sommeliers in Mexico.

Queremos comer

We are the most complete, detailed and updated restaurant guide in Mexico City, where you can search and find the widest variety of restaurants by name, price, location area or by our advanced search tool.

Each of the 7810 restaurants listed there is written directions to the hotel, phone (s), opening hours and the symbology of the services offered. The restaurants that are members of our site have also published a brief description of what you can find, as well as photographs, restaurant menus, location maps and virtual tours.

Vatel Club México A.C.

Club of table arts professionals, regardless of their nationality, invited guests to work for the purpose of ennobling their work through various activities.

The Vatel Club is headed by a Committee, Presidents of the Mexican Chapters, Pastry, and Service that cover all professions that are not cooking directly.

In addition, there are regional chapters in several states of the Republic where various activities are carried out under the same objectives and taking into account the local needs of the gastronomic field.

Sociedad Mexicana de Gastronomía

The Sociedad Mexicana de Gastronomía, is a network of profiles of professionals linked to the gastronomic environment at the national level. Uniting the main segments of the industry, allowing its growth and positioning through our different platforms and agreements generated. We are the only Society of professionals of the Gastronomic environment in Mexico that offers the opportunity to its members to be able to have a professional development abroad and to have a continuous training.

Fiberland et Meue

Meue-Habitat Vivo is a company in Guadalajara City, committed to offer products to enjoy their spaces away from home; such as outdoor furniture, umbrellas and accessories; whether for gardens, terraces, swimming pools or any public or private outdoor space. We are focused on providing exterior solutions for homes, apartments, buildings, hotels, schools, etc. Which have outdoor spaces whether in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains or on the beach.

Fiberland is a leading Mexican company in the manufacture of fiberglass articles. Our motto is Megacreatividad in Fibra de Vidrio so we not only have a very extensive line of products, but we also work on special orders or specific needs.

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