Strategic partners

Sirha Mexico thanks its strategic partners.

Asociación Mexicana de Hoteles y Moteles, A.C.

The Asociación Mexicana de Hoteles y Moteles, A.C. is a tourist association that was founded in 1922, represents and works for the interests of organized national hotels. The association counts with partners in all the destinations of the country; groups all types of tourism services that provide lodging. Mr. Rafael García González is the current President, Hotelier of Mexico City, in charge of the association since 2014.

Vatel Club México A.C.

Club of table arts professionals, regardless of their nationality, invited to work for the purpose of ennobling their work through various activities.

The Vatel Club is headed by a Committee, Presidents of the Mexican Chapters, Pastry, and Service that cover all professions that are not cooking directly

In addition, there are regional chapters in several states of the Republic where various activities are carried out under the same objectives and taking into account the local needs of the gastronomic field.

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