Copa Syrah

At a time of important projection of the wine culture in Mexico, as well as its wine industry, this contest arises with the aim of supporting and promoting the figure of the qualified sommelier in wines and their high performance in everything related to the service of these products.

In tune with the current important proposal of the Mexican cuisine and the recognition it has had during recent years in the international scene, it is also a contest that seeks to recognize the new figures of our cuisine, also taking into account the essential connection, enhancement and harmonization of wines and the cuisine. It is a competition that not only seeks to recognize the knowledge and skills around wine, but above all to measure them in the rich exercise of the gastronomic pleasure, also exalting the qualities in service of the participants.

The 2nd edition of the Copa Syrha seeks to promote, train, professionalize and spread the knowledge about pairings; recognizing the capacity of a new generation of professionals to achieve a harmonization that highlights the qualities of food and wine.

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